Tugas English Bussiness 2

Change the sentences from active to passive.


  1. Ms. Hopkins invited me to dinner.

I was invited to dinner by Ms. Hopkins


  1. Thomas Edison invented the phonograph.

The phonograph was inventored by Thomas Edison


  1. Water surrounds an island.

An island is surrounded by water.


  1. A maid will clean our hotel room.

Our hotel room will be cleaned by a maid.

  1. A plumber is going to fix the leaky faucet.

The leaky foucet is going to be fixed by a plumber.

  1. A doctor has examined the sick child.

The sick child has been examined by a doctor.

  1. The police arrested James Swan.

James swan was arrested by police.


  1. A large number of people speak Spanish.

Spanish is spoken by a large number of people


  1. The secretary is going to answer the letter.

The letter is going to be answered by secretary.


  1. The teacher’s explanation confused Carlos.

Carlos is confused by teacher’s explanation.


  1. My mistake embarrassed me.

I was embarrassed by my miastake.


  1. Helicopters fascinate children.

The children is fascinated by helicopters.


  1. Shakespeare wrote Hamlet.*

The hamlet was written by shakespeare.


  1. This news will amaze you.

I wiil be amazed by that news.




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